20 July, 2021

Webinar To Demonstrate How Novel Technology Can Be Applied to Advance Breeding Models

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A new webinar hosted by Synomics, the biological insights company, will, for the first time, explain how its genetic insights platform can be applied in order to advance breeding models across the agriculture industry.

The webinar, on July 14th, will be hosted by Synomics’ Chief Executive Officer Dr Peter Kristensen to explain how Synomics’ insights platform, which uses combinatorial analytics to isolate precise biological interventions within livestock and crops, can be applied to advance new or existing breeding models.

Dr Kristensen will be joined by Synomics’ Chief Technology Officer Dr Haja Kadarmideen, to demonstrate the potential of the platform and the successful studies it has already produced, including improving genetic progress in dairy cattle and laying hens.

By translating insights from Synomics’ platform for incorporation in breeding models, Dr Kristensen believes Synomics can address untapped potential within many areas, including fighting climate change: “Improving the accuracy and reliability of predictions has the potential to progress the agricultural industry far beyond its current post, not just by making faster progress in existing areas, but also by opening new traits for genomic selection.

“The insights produced could enable us, for example, to improve food security by addressing disease in key sustenance crops, or reduce methane emissions from cattle, helping to tackle climate change.

“By applying the Synomics’ platform to new or existing breeding models, producers can increase the speed at which advancements are made, shaving years of research and development timelines and cost.”

The webinar – entitled ‘Applying the Synomics Insights Platform to advance breeding models’ – will take place at 16.00hrs (UK time) on July 14th.

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