February, 2022

Unlock the insights in your data faster than ever with Synomics DISCOVER™

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Synomics Webinar introduces DISCOVER™: a quicker, more efficient way of unlocking biological insights in multiomics datasets

Synomics, the biological discovery company, has released a new webinar discussing DISCOVER™, a new novel product designed to unlock powerful new insights. The three-part webinar covers the current market need for DISCOVER™, the technical details of DISCOVER™, and some example case studies of the novel biological insights already discovered. The webinar features appearances from Synomics’ leadership including Dr. Haja Kadarmideen, Chief Technology Officer, Tobias Røikjer, Senior Data Scientist, and Ryan Morrison, Senior Bioinformatician.

Synomics provides novel, actionable, and biologically relevant insights to its partners, assisting in unlocking those insights much more effectively than current best-in-class tools. This is achieved by combining a proprietary combinatorial analytics and prediction engine with an industry-leading team of practitioners. With the launch of DISCOVER™, Synomics offers a new technology that is able to unlock the biological insights needed to make discoveries.

With 30 years of professional experience and expertise in animal genetics, bioinformatics, systems biology and data science, Dr. Haja Kadarmideen shared how DISCOVER’s™ novel approach to analysing biological data can add to the transformation and evolution of our understanding of plant and animal management: “We are dealing with mountains of biological and phenotype data generated by multiple platforms and across different species. We know there are many different types of complex biological interactions occurring to control how a crop or animal exhibits a trait. Even at a genomic level, elucidating these complex interactions in the context of trait / disease manifestation is a major challenge. The three pillars of this challenge are computational, statistical and biological limitations, Synomics approach through DISCOVER™ addresses them all.”

Synomics’ Senior Data Scientist, Tobias Røikjer presented the technical details of the software saying: “Synomics DISCOVER™ is not restricted to analysing a single data source. We are able to analyse any type of genetic and environmental data. Our automated quality control measures ensure we can analyse any source of genetic data reliably, automatically, accountably and faster.”

“One of the key features of DISCOVER™ is our proprietary analysis software, which combines multiple deep combinations of genetic features into networks. Each network splits the samples into two genetic groups, explaining variation in the phenotype such as disease incidence or yield. DISCOVER™ is capable of finding unique, non-redundant signal no matter how large the genetic dataset, including whole genome sequencing data.”

Finding novel methane production discoveries in dairy cattle microbiomes, mastitis resistance in dairy cattle, and using a publicly accessible Cassava datasets to look at Cassava Mosaic disease resistance, are some of the case studies in which DISCOVER™ has already been used to provide actionable biological insight.

“Importantly, DISCOVER™ also performs biological validation on these statistically important results. It does this by mapping network SNPs to annotated genes and pathways. This provides the customer with novel and actionable results.” Says Ryan Morrison, Senior Bioinformatician at Synomics.

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