27 April, 2021

Synomics Signs Licensing Deal with US Genetic Livestock Progression Firm Vytelle

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Synomics, the biological insights company, has signed a multiyear licensing deal with Kansas City based genetics progression business, Vytelle. The partnership will enable Vytelle to bring further combinatorial livestock analytics in-house.

The new partnership, the first for Synomics’ new combinatorial biology insights platform, will allow Vytelle to increase the accuracy of predicting progression and performance within agricultural cattle stocks.

The move will see global cattle producers gaining greater access to biological insights enabling them to increase yield and improve disease resistance within cattle, as well as predicting future fertility traits and environmental correlations.

Steve Gardner, Director at Synomics emphasised what the deal will bring to cattle production globally: “We’re excited to work with the Vytelle team to help them unlock individual animal performance for cattle producers. We’ve already demonstrated that we can more accurately explain the correlations among genomic, phenotype and environmental data driving new insights for health, production and fertility traits for producers.”

Synomics’ platform can create new insights rapidly, in ways that current technology cannot achieve, through a combination of its proprietary combinatorial Insights platform, applied by a team of highly experienced agriculture domain experts.

Kerryann Kocher, Chief executive Officer of Vytelle added: “We will now be able to offer cattle producers the ability to correlate elite phenotype performance to unique genetic trait combinations. Combining this capability with our GrowSafe Systems phenotype data capture platform, Vytelle will offer cattle producers new intelligence to correlate genome to phenome.

“As a result, producers can more rapidly multiply their elite genetics using our modern in vitro fertilization system providing them a complete solution.”

The agreement represents an important proof of concept milestone for Synomics’, which was launched in partnership with the Wheatsheaf group, the international investor in food and agricultural businesses. The Platform is an adaptation of a system already proven by PrecisionLife, another Wheatsheaf invested company, to find new treatment opportunities for unmet medical needs across a range of diseases in humans.

For more information on the Synomics platform, please visits: www.synomics.ai

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