01 November, 2020

Synomics Appoints New CEO to Lead the Business to New Scientific Breakthroughs

Article overview

Synomics, the biological insights business, and part of the Wheatsheaf Group, has appointed Animal Health Expert Dr Peter Kristensen as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Dr Kristensen will lead Synomics as it looks to pioneer the future genetic analysis within agriculture using its market-leading combinatorial analytics platform to analyse the genome of both livestock and crops.

A graduate of Copenhagen University where he studied for six years to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Peter began his career with US based Pillen Farms as part of the company’s veterinary team. He moved on to join German pharmaceutical giant Boehringer Ingelheim, specialising in animal health, working across 40 different territories globally.

In 2012, Peter joined the animal genetics company Genus Plc to lead the porcine business in EMEA. With Genus he focused on the producing genetically superior products, honing his passion for genetics. During the tenure with Genus, Peter completed an Executive MBA from IMD.

Peter likens Synomics to being a Food Operating System (OS), where the ultimate success of the business will be judged on the quality and biology of the food produced through the insights it can deliver: “Unlocking the power of biology and feeding the world’s billions in a sustainable way is a gigantic ambition,” he says, “but I believe we have the tools to do it.”

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