Solving the big challenges

We work with livestock datasets, helping companies and producers reduce their use of resources, improve the resilience of their animals, understand the drivers of taste and flavour, and reduce their environmental impact.

Animal Genetics

We have two core offerings for animal breeders.

Our Synomics Advance product offers opportunities for you to improve your genetics programs, for example by:

  • incorporating additive and non-additive epistatic effects into your existing breeding programs,
  • including lowly heritable traits in your indexes,
  • identifying new traits (such as novel microbiome-linked traits) for inclusion,
  • implementing and managing a new, cutting-edge genetic program from scratch.

Our Synomics Discover product enables you to:

  • identify and avoid loss-of-function variants,
  • identify potential gene-editing targets.
Genetic material

Do you have a dataset that doesn’t fit our categories?

Contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can work to apply our platform to meet your needs.

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Synomics and Vytelle Webinar
December 16, 2021

Animal AgTech Innovation Summit 2021 / Accelerating Genetic Progress in Livestock

December 16, 2021

Precise Thinking.
Nessa Carey of Synomics considers how epigenetics and the greater understanding of data can be used to support breeders and producers in ‘precision farming’.