Frontier In Genetics

March, 2022

Synomics Achieves Key Milestone with Publication of First Peer Reviewed Study

Synomics, the biological insights company, has passed a significant milestone with the publication of its first peer reviewed scientific paper in the industry relevant international journal Frontiers in Genetics, which publishes rigorously peer-reviewed research on genes and genomes.

The new paper demonstrates the power of Synomics’ DISCOVER™, a novel product specifically designed to support progressive companies and producers unlocking new, powerful insights from biological data quicker than it has ever been done before.

Prior to its public launch, Synomics put DISCOVER™ to work, looking at how insights from dairy cattle microbiomes could reduce agricultural methane levels. By identifying communities of bacteria with significant presence in high or low methane animals, and linking these bacteria to the genetic makeup of the animal, Synomics shows a path that could reduce the amount of methane that cattle and other ruminant livestock emit into the atmosphere.

Authored by Synomics internal team, the report was reviewed by three leading scholars appointed by Frontiers in Genetics to stress test and prove its credibility.

Dr. Haja Kadarmideen, Synomics’ Chief Technology Officer, says the report was an important step in Synomics’ progression: “This report is the culmination of months of work from our team and demonstrates the capability of our proprietary systems. As a proof of concept, it gives our team and our customers confidence in the effectiveness of our novel discovery platform and shows the important role it plays in the future sustainability of the agricultural industry.”

Gareth Llewelyn, Synomics’ Chief Operating Officer says the publication advances the recognition of technology within the agricultural space: “The publication of our first peer-reviewed study shows how combination of computing technologies and biological sciences is driving innovation within the agricultural space.

“AgTech is not limited to innovation in machinery or software, it is also about scientific advances and it’s proving its worth with significant solutions to persistent problems like methane emissions.”

The full report is available to download at and the full peer reviewed article is available online at

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