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We exist to help drive the transformation of animal health and food production for a sustainable future.


Our role is to provide commercially relevant insights to help improve the productivity, health and well-being of crops and livestock.

Our History

In 2016, Peter Kristensen and Gareth Llewellyn started work on a strategy for Grosvenor Food & AgTech’s involvement in the cattle industry.

Following extensive research, consultation across the industry and hours of whiteboard sessions, they reached a key insight: the rate of increase in the volume and density of biological data being created and stored was not being matched by a similar increase in the rate of actionable insight being extracted from the data. In other words, more data did not mean more benefit.

From this insight, Peter and Gareth drew a hypothesis: if a technology could extract actionable insights from large, disparate biological datasets, it would have the potential to produce real value throughout agriculture, and not just the cattle industry.


They also determined two truths:


  • As agriculture was often the last place cutting-edge technology was commercialized, practitioners in the industry were not being exposed to novel breakthroughs.

  • And when technologies were being brought to market, they were usually offered by companies without deep experience in agriculture. As a result, these companies often overlooked many valuable applications for their technology.

So, Peter and Gareth set themselves a challenge: to find a revolutionary technology and pair it with leaders in agricultural production, industrial science, research and innovation, and commercial execution.

The story now moves forward to 2018 when Grosvenor Food and AgTech completed an investment in a human health company with a revolutionary combinatorial analytics platform. They were using it to stratify patient populations and generate insights into the complex biology of chronic diseases. The company is now PrecisionLife.

As part of this investment, Grosvenor Food and AgTech secured the right to use the technology platform in agriculture. This right was crystallized in 2019 when the Wheatsheaf Group and PrecisionLife founded Synomics.

In stealth, Synomics got started in 2020, immediately beginning to build its expert team, as well as translating and expanding the technology platform to bring real value to the world of agriculture.

In late 2020, Synomics took another major step by partnering with Vytelle, granting them a license to use the platform in the cattle sector. This partnership effectively combines Synomics’ industry-leading insights platform with the gold standard in cattle phenotypic data capture and reproductive technology.

Today Synomics is out of stealth mode and actively partnering with leading companies across the food and agriculture space. You can find out more about how Synomics can help your business here.

Our Partners


PrecisionLife’s unique combinatorial analytics platform generates more insights into the complex biology of chronic diseases, driving the next wave of precision medicine applications and finding new treatment opportunities for patients’ unmet medical needs.

PrecisionLife partners with disease charities, clinical research groups, CROs, best-of-breed technology providers, and pharma, biotech and healthcare companies to improve our knowledge of chronic disease biology. The company operates an innovation engine that translates proprietary disease biology insights into new drug discovery programs, more successful and cost-effective clinical trials, and more personalized clinical decision support tools.

PrecisionLife is headquartered near Oxford in the UK. It also has operations in Aalborg and Copenhagen, Denmark, Warsaw, Poland, and Cambridge, MA, USA.


Interested in driving the next agriculture revolution?

Join us on our journey pioneering the application of deep combinatorial analysis to help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.


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Social Responsibility

Carbon Neutral

We are proud to be certified carbon neutral, a status achieved by proactively reducing our carbon footprint and offsetting our remaining carbon emissions. We chose the Climate Care BURN Stoves project, which won the 2015 Ashden International Clean Energy for Women and Girls Award.

Equality and Diversity

We are an equal opportunities employer. We are committed to ensuring that no employee or prospective employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, race, colour or national origin.

Information Security

Synomics is proud to hold ISO27001:2013 accreditation. Our partners and users can be confident in our information security processes.


Award of a climate aware company
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