Too much data, not enough insights. Until now.

Too much data, not enough insights. Until now.
Only Synomics can help you access the biological insights that, until now, have been locked within your ever-expanding datasets.
Breakthrough insights from proven technology.
Only the Synomics Insights Platform can process and analyse huge, multi-dimensional datasets with unprecedented speed and accuracy to deliver the insights hidden within.
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A leadership team of deep sector experts.
Our team combines a deep knowledge of food production and farming with expertise in disciplines including genetics, bioinformatics, data science and machine learning.
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Gaining next-level insights.
In this dairy cattle study, our technology was able to identify highly predictive SNPs a standard GWAS couldn’t find, despite small sample sizes and high SNP chip densities.

How can we help you?

Synomics works with partners operating in every area of food production.


Solving the world’s growing food needs is not simply a case of drastically increasing yields; it will require the sustainable cultivation of every square foot of land. Our goal is to provide crop producers, seed breeders and intervention providers worldwide with the biological insights they need to advance genetics, identify novel targets and optimize every crop that’s grown.


Our Services

The applications of our revolutionary Synomics Insights Platform currently include Genetic Improvement and novel Target Discovery, with more to follow.


Genetic Improvement

Discover more accurate insights translated into novel breeding models.



Discover novel, high-impact targets for intervention.

Latest reports

March 21, 2021

Rumen Microbiome Targets for Low Methane Emission

March 21, 2021

Genomic Improvement In Laying Hens

Meadow with cows
December 20, 2020

Genomic Improvement In Dairy Cattle

Farming landscape
December 20, 2020

A new study has identified a genomic pathway that will help make Cassava more resistant to Cassave Mosaic Diesease

About Synomics

The insight revolution

Part of the Wheatsheaf Group, Synomics builds on an exclusive licence to apply PrecisionLife’s proven proprietary combinatorial analytics and discovery engine to the world of food and agriculture.

As a result, agricultural innovators can benefit from the biological insights that have, until now, been inaccessible.

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Peter Kristensen
Jon Lightner
Haja Kadarmideen

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Applying Synomics Insights Platform to advance breeding models

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